International(-ly minded) Community

The international(ly-minded) community Olten is an English-lan­guage so­ci­al plat­form at your door to spice up & di­ver­si­fy your so­ci­al life.

About ICO

The ICO is a pri­va­te in­itia­ti­ve sup­por­ted by the Eco­no­mic De­ve­lop­ment Agen­cy of Olten. At our re­gu­lar events, you will get to know peop­le from all over the world.


Check out our gallery from our past events. 

Upcoming Events

After Work Drinks

Every 2nd Thursday of the month

  • After Work Drinks
    Location is TBD
    11. Nov., 18:30
    Location is TBD
  • After Work Drinks
    Location is TBD
    09. Dez., 18:30
    Location is TBD