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We are a group of internationals living in Olten or nearby. What brought us together is the desire to create a space where you can meet other people with an international mindset at our immediate place of residence. By this, we are referring to internationals as well as locals, expats and permanent residents, couples and families, as well as singles.

Our main purpose is to simplify integration and to foster exchange in town.  

The International(-ly minded) Community Olten (ICO) is a private initiative supported by the Economic Development Agency of Olten. At our regular events, you will get to know people from all over the world. Our common language of communication is English, however, you would obviously find many more languages.

With our casual gatherings, we are not exclusively aiming at social aspects, but also on getting to know different places in Olten and its surroundings that you might have not known yet. Therefore, the meeting location often changes. From the members, you can exchange and get insider tips on where to go, what goes on in the cultural program, where the best cuisine is served and many more. But most importantly, you will get to know peers to do these interesting things with.

The international(ly-minded) community Olten is an English-lan­guage so­ci­al plat­form at your door to spice up & di­ver­si­fy your so­ci­al life.


The International(-ly minded) Community Olten (ICO) is a private initiative supported by the Economic Development Agency of Olten.



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